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WIP Kill your Darlings Time December 30, 2014

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I get it. I do.

First draft vomit becomes final draft exquisite entree.

Wait. Somehow that seems backwards. I’m not sure I want anything constructed from reconstituted vomit, even in analogy form.

Lets try this: first draft buffet–all those paths partly taken before realising they don’t quite work out–becomes the single platter of a final draft.  The most appealing choices from the array in front of you.

Which means that some things gotta go. Like this.

I didn’t even write it thinking it would fit in the draft, but more for my own knowledge of what happened. Then I tried to shoehorn it in several places but no way a near-2,000-word flashback isn’t going to kill the pace. Even broken up into chunks.

Given that it’s been a while since I’ve had any WIP stuff up here, I thought I’d share. At least it’s going somewhere, and this might purge my urge to make it fit the draft.

This, for those keeping track, is from the 4th novel I wrote this year, tentative title Nothing and Forever. It’s YA sci-fi.

You can find it below the cut.