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More good news – A Touch of Red upcoming in Mirror Dance November 2, 2014

Filed under: writing — FourGreenSquares @ 12:06 pm

I am very pleased to announce that my short story “A Touch of Red” has been accepted by Mirror Dance for the Spring 2015 issue.

The story features a river that runs red with the goddess’ blood once a year, and swimming in the river at this time might grant you magical powers that last for a year. I’ve had a novel idea for this world rolling around in the back of my brain for a while (gotta finish up my current three  WIPs first, sigh), but couldn’t resist fleshing out the world with this short story.

Which is about shoes. Thanks, muse, thanks a lot…a river that grants magical powers and…and…my muse gives me shoes. No complaints, though.  Its one of my favourite things I’ve written and almost everyone has said it’s made them cry so…get those tissues ready and I’ll post a link when I get it.


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