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2015: The Year of the Edit November 27, 2014

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Is it close enough to the end of the year to start totting up progress?

I’m not quite done this final project but–fingers crossed–I will be by Dec. 31, even if I’m still scribbling as the ball drops. Even if it’s dropping in a time zone far west of here, even.

Because if I finish that project up (and I’m well past the midway point), that means I’ll have written four novels this year. Yeesh. About 350,000 words at least.


As I look back upon The Year in which I Spewed Novels Non-Stop, I feel a bit like a toddler that just learned a new trick, then has to do it again and again. And again. Oh, and again.

Four bloody novels. Think I got the hang of it now.

Which means I now proclaim 2015 as The Year of the Edit.

I’ve always loved first draft better. Writing all these novels so quickly, in such a short span of time, has shown me that part of that preference definitely stemmed from not really knowing how I arrived at the story in the first place. To cf. a previous post, I could make pretty story-shaped splotches but not much else. How do you fix a car if you don’t know how engines work? For a long time, that’s how editing felt.

Writing all those novels, solving that many pacing, character, plot, worldbuilding problems–and feeling my way through the different story dynamics and synergy that informed the stories’ varied topographies–means I feel like I finally know enough about how novels function “under the hood” to get out my wrench and oil can, pop the bonnet open, and get my hands dirty.

So yes, the Year of Editing. I’m actually looking forward to it…

And I’ll put it in print, right here: if I start a new novel without getting at least one of these four out the door, you can rip my pen from my twitching fingers and hide all my paper. The Year of Editing. And Some Short Stories. Which Also Need Editing.

Can we sense a trend yet?

Editing. Editing. Editing.

After all what does a toddler do after learning one trick but start on another?


More good news – A Touch of Red upcoming in Mirror Dance November 2, 2014

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I am very pleased to announce that my short story “A Touch of Red” has been accepted by Mirror Dance for the Spring 2015 issue.

The story features a river that runs red with the goddess’ blood once a year, and swimming in the river at this time might grant you magical powers that last for a year. I’ve had a novel idea for this world rolling around in the back of my brain for a while (gotta finish up my current three  WIPs first, sigh), but couldn’t resist fleshing out the world with this short story.

Which is about shoes. Thanks, muse, thanks a lot…a river that grants magical powers and…and…my muse gives me shoes. No complaints, though.  Its one of my favourite things I’ve written and almost everyone has said it’s made them cry so…get those tissues ready and I’ll post a link when I get it.