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Wicked Words loose in the World May 27, 2014

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As I mentioned before, my story “Stranger has Disconnected” was accepted for inclusion in  the first issue of Wicked Words Quarterly.  I am pleased to announce that the issue is available now!

There I am:

Stories and contributors: 
In a Tower copyright © 2014 Nicole Tanquary 
The Diary of Magreth Frogonne copyright © 2014 Phyllis Green 
The Flicker of Farolitos copyright © 2014 Matthew Barbour 
Spookmoth copyright © 2014 D.J. Cockburn 
Odin Waits copyright © 2014 Jason D’Aprile 
The City of the Wren copyright © 2014 Robin Wyatt Dunn 
Dinner Time copyright © 2014 Mai-Chi Pham 
Stranger Has Disconnected copyright © 2014 Deborah Bailey 
The Old Neighbourhoods on Mars copyright © 2014 J.J. Steinfeld 
Pipe Monster copyright © 2014 Logan Merriweather 
Mac the Repairman copyright © 2014 Adam Gaylord 
2007 OR-10 copyright © 2014 Ellen Denton 
Dare to Sleep copyright © 2014 Tony Peak 
Diamondback copyright © 2014 Teri Chetwood

This was my week 3 Clarion story. I’d written very description- and atmosphere-heavy stories in the first two weeks so I wanted something different–hello, chatlog-format story that is all dialogue. I want (again) to say thank you for all 2012-ers and amazing week 3 instructor Ted Chiang for amazing feebdack.

Which means I’m going to get my first plug in for the Clarion Write-a-thon

It runs from the end of June through the beginning of August, mirroring the workshop dates. Its a great chance to raise money for workshop scholarships, meet other Clarionauts, and if you plan to apply, to get a taste of the workshop pace.

And, direct from the website: “Remember, there are prizes! We’re giving away plaques again. But better yet, our top five fundraisers will receive free critiques from some of Clarion’s most eminent faculty and friends. Everyone who brings in $250 or more will receive a critique from a Clarion grad.” So all aspiring writers, this is a great chance to start your stories for next year and get them critiqued.

If anyone wants to sponsor me, pop on over to my writer page.

I hope you enjoy the story–let me know what you think!



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