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Yet more Clarion Squee October 28, 2013

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Sorry for the long silence. Writing, writing, travelling, editing, writing…

But finally, something spurred me back here to share some news. May I therefore present:

The Clarion Pin Up Calendar

Just in time for the holidays! 

Such a good cause! 

I’m still marveling at how much I learned. When I went, I knew I had some issues, but thought they were more mechanics, easily fixed (yeah, I’m laughing right along with you). Because what I discovered was that I had one big problem, and lots of coping mechanisms. Simply, I had no idea how to plot. How to arrive at plot, how to figure out what went in, and what stayed out. And solving that problem meant dismantling all my coping mechanisms and techniques. It was awful, let me tell you, watching all my classmates get noticeably better week by week (not that part; it was awesome to see them kick ass) while I got noticeably worse. I hit bottom week four, and by week six, had started to find my feet again.

So I left Clarion clinging to my life-raft of character arc. Now–three novel drafts, numerous short story drafts and even more critiquing later–I think I feel like the Palm Island thing in Dubai. Reclaiming land, sinking deep foundations. Not The World, one as that’s sinking in to the sea. Hopefully not, in any case (never pays to temp fate!).

In other words, Clarion has changed my writing and life for the better, at a level deeper than I ever could have anticipated. If I could, I’d buy out all the calendars and make all my relatives hate me (birthday presents for the next decade sorted!) But I can’t. So I’m spreading the word instead.

It’s definitely a worthy cause. And fun. C’mon, what writer doesn’t need a handy-dandy wall-mounted temporal management device? 

Added 3 Nov: Just got home from World Fantasy Con in Brighton, where I had the chance to meet the charming and talented artist behind the calendar. I’m even more exited for it now. Squeeeee…


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