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Letter to fragments long forgotten June 29, 2013

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Dear old story fragments,

We must stop meeting like this, with you as snippets I stumble across as I’m hunting something else. Did I deliberately abandon you there, tucked between pages of half-read books as deliberately as a wailing-wall prayer, or could it not be helped, as I incised you, Voynich vines of marginalia right on the page, flagging something that intrigued so many moons ago.

Meeting up again is like encountering the twin that died in the womb. You are not who I once was–you reveal a self I do not ever remember being.

What was I thinking? How do I recreate the synaptic flow behind, “The river itself was asking.”
Or, in a fast scrawl more like carving C-R-O- on a tree than starting a story: “Tuesday. The gods came back on a Tuesday.”

Or the far more developed “We took off our watches and threw them in the abyss. It didn’t stop time, c’mon, we weren’t crazy. But we did it anyway, Neville, Kate and I, slipping off our watches and pitching then down to darkness. Not looking at each other as we did. Not needing to.”

I have no recollection of writing you but the way the shaky handwriting slopes precipitously upwards, ignoring the lines, means I wrote you late past midnight, without turning on the light. So much for pen and paper on the bedside; I need Dragon Dictation for Dreams.

Nah, I wouldn’t buy it. Because then I wouldn’t have you, dear Fragments, pen-pals from my past. And maybe, perhaps, signposts to a future lying in some other notebook. I’ll find you some day—after the present has been forgotten with the same surety that allows us to forge into the future in the first place.


They Are Entwined June 11, 2013

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Join the fun!

Join the fun!

I’ve signed up for the Clarion Write-a-Thon  this year and have decided to sponsor myself for the full amount I’ve made from fiction sales this year. I could not have done it without Clarion (or at least not nearly so quickly or so well), and I’m thrilled to be able to support the Workshop.

The amount puts me over that needed to form a group. If anyone out there wants to join, or indeed sponsor me, check it out! And if you are an aspiring writer, the Write-a-Thon is a great way to get a taste of the Clarion pace–and get a head start on your submission stories for next year. Hope to see you there, or on the page!


The horse was finally thirsty June 2, 2013

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In my ongoing quest to master structure, my pootles around teh interwebs today took me to Lester Dent’s master plot formula. I’ve been accruing a mystery idea in my head so decided to run the idea through the Dent formula to see what turned up. I duly printed out, downloaded and prepared to save–only to discover the exact same file already on the computer.

Dated early 2012.

Of all the wandering around when a serviceable map was right frelling there…Fricklenerf, as my Sims would say.

Anyway, it’s certainly worth a peruse if you’re looking for a good skeleton of an action plot.