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Holes April 16, 2013

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Writing thought of the day: holes

Writers are taught to see holes as bad: plot holes, motivation inconsistencies, and descriptive voids aka ‘white room’ syndrome, to name a few.

But since Clarion, I’ve grokked the importance of leaving holes as well.

Humans are pattern-recognition junkies: we see vast stories of gods scrawled in the stars and celebrity faces burned on bits of toast. Hell yeah, a reader can put two plot points together when implied through subtext.

So, holes: the trick then becomes leaving the right ones at the right time, as each story, each moment, will impose different demands. In one, an omission will need to be signalled as theatrically as draping a strip of gauze on the scraped knee of a sobbing toddler while other times, placed as stealthily as woven rushes over a spear-filled pit.

As in all, you have to know what holes you are leaving and why. But when well done, I think it engages the reader like no other technique because they become the storyteller, filling in those holes in a uniquely satisfying way, building a story perfect for them which you alone could never write.

So. Holes. And a realisation about writing that looks for a moment at the importance of things unwritten.


Omg, omg, omg April 10, 2013

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Omg, omg, omg…

Uh, yes I have just edited two chapters, copy edited an optics ms and written a scene, to the point I have words leaking from my ears.

Shakes head vigorously, splattering walls with excess verbiage

And precisely because I spend so much time using Word (as well as words) that I can say without hesitation:

Omg omg omg

This…changes…so much…

Did you know, perchance, that if you press shift+f3 in Word, it cycles selected text through ALL CAPS, Initial Cap, and lowercase?

Sadly, a not insignif. part of an academic copy editor’s job involves swapping headers and titles into stylesheet-compliant formats. I’ll no longer have to retype ‘Introduction’, ‘Conclusion,’ or ‘References’ approx 1000 times a day. Give or take just a few.

I feel like Homer Simpson when he realised that the pecking bird only needed to hit ‘Y’ instead of Y-E-S: “Marge, I’ve just tripled my productivity!”

I’m not quite sure what I will do with this newfound bounty of free time. In keeping with Homer, though, I can say one thing: it definitely won’t be housework!