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A new leaf (of paper) January 4, 2013

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Nothing lets me procrastinate guilt-free more than research and organisation. So researching organisation and productivity tips–jackpot!

My one New Years resolution was to keep better track of my freelancing and writing time.  I found my procrastination motherlode in David Seah‘s site.

Yup, printouts. Sorry, Luke, but I need paper even in my office of one. He does offer a few interactive PDFs, if you want the paperless version.

I have found The Progress Tracker and The Concrete Goals Tracker to be most relevant to my needs. You can find the entire set here.

Anyway, I printed them out and start filling some in (a procrastination triple word score). But they are designed for programmers and designers, not writers. I had to spend more time (had to, you understand, imperative that my new system is, well, systemised) figuring out the relative values of various writerly activities.

I gave research (markets or content), drafting queries, outlining etc. all one point. Drafting, revising, editing and critiquing all got two points for my own writing, 5 or 10 if for clients. Submitting or sending a query are 5 points.

I don’t intend to be pedantic in terms of keeping track of all this. I just want to keep an eye on the patterns more than tally up every waking moment. It’ll be a good way to check if I’m neglecting this poor old blog more than usual, for example.

We’ll see how it works out. Why not, eh?

Anyone out there have any good writerly organisational tips?


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