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As opposed to growing the corn yourself, I suppose December 30, 2012

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It strikes me as extremely British that a product requiring two mixing bowls, a saucepan, a measuring jug, and a half hour of constant stirring can nonetheless consider itself “instant.”

Yeah, I’m talking to you, Birds Custard.



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So I suppose, if the cat was going to piss elsewhere inside the house besides his cat box–an act of vehement protest because I was a picosecond too slow getting out of bed at 4am to let him out (an act I was called on to perform because he is still barred from the cat flap, a ban upheld again last week when he, after I opened the conservatory slider to get wrapping paper stored out there, used that opportunity to dash out then back in with a squawking, flapping present, dropping it at my feet and staring up at me with laser-intensity, pleading for me to relent upon receiving this evidence that my shutting the conservatory door lay behind my sudden dearth of still-cheeping kitchen direct deliveries)–well then I suppose at least the bathtub was at least a considerate place to do it.

Sigh. Come back Waverley! Your brother is going crackers without you.