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Wisdom earned, wisdom shared August 16, 2012

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Yup, yet another I swear, I really, really will write my Clarion blog post soon post.

But at least I come with a link to a fellow Clarionite’s blog post. Sam J. Miller has a great write-up on his blog at

I have a few quotes to add to his extremely detailed list. But unlike him, I’m namin’ names. Not because I disagree with his reasons for anonymity, but because these were the ones that struck a particular chord with me, and I’m not trying to capture the sheer scope of awesomeness the way Sam did so well.

“I want your stories to kill people.” –Jeff Ford

“There’s nothing more random than a turtle race” –Delia Sherman

“How does this rank on the ooh-o-meter?” –Delia Sherman

“If life hands you Xs and Qs, you have to go to the dictionary and figure out what to spell with them.”–Delia Sherman

“Well, you don’t actually have to shake hands with yourself for twenty years.” –Ted Chiang (trying to explain time travel and wormholes)

“Writing the middle of a novel is like driving across Nebraska. You do it so you can get to the fun of Chicago.” –Walter Jon Williams

“No character wants to be a protagonist, and fights like a weasel not to be. You’ve got to let them fight their way through the plot.” –Holly Black

“Dark gods swooping down though knife-wielding maniacs to get you on the way to 7-11 seems a bit much for an average day.” –Cassie Clare



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