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Write-a-thon June 16, 2012

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You know you want to!

Write-a-thon! Write-a-thon! Write-a-thon! (For some reason, in my head that sounded like ‘Monorail, monorail, monorail! from the Simpsons. But rest assured, at least what I’m about to say won’t end in disaster. Or biting possums.)

Every year, Clarion runs a fundraiser along side the workshop. As a recipient of a grant that allowed me to attend, I can wholeheartedly endorse the cause.

The write-a-thon is a fab chance to have some fun, get loads of writing done, and get to know some great people. If you get $20 in sponsorship, you can join one of the small groups of writers and get mentored by a Clarion grad. If you bring in $250 or more in sponsorship, a Clarion author will critique your story! There are also prizes like gift certificates.

The write-a-thon runs from 24th June through 4th August. Check it out. Thank you.


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