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In which form tiptoes up behind function and yells “boo!” June 11, 2012

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As the Clarion head-getting-around continues, I’ve been thinking more about what I want to write while there. Not in terms of story ideas, though I do have a nice grab-bag of premises just in case.

No, I realised that the main way I want to challenge myself at Clarion isn’t necessarily by tackling different sorts of subjects; the premise list showed me that I’m pretty darn diverse already. In terms of subjects, that is. In terms of form…

Yeesh. How did I end up a linear narrative type of gal? Not at all what anyone listening to me speak would anticipate.

But there it is. So that’s my big challenge to myself. I want to try at least a few of the following:

  • Interleaving story lines: past/present, with one told not in chronological order
  • A story told backwards
  • Omniscient narrator, multiple POVs
  • Twisting storylines, one told backwards, one forwards, with them meeting at the end/beginning
  • Modern epistolary–a story told through the comments in a forum thread

Now (in case any soon- to-be fellow Clarionauts are reading this), I’m not planning on trying all of these, of only turning in fractured or disjointed tales. But I do feel it’s time to expand beyond the rush of forward momentum that you get with the character+problem setup and consider the how as well as the what.

So yeah, I guess I am about to turn in a string of disjointed tales. I’m sure y’all will take appropriate revenge. Actually, I’m counting on it.


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