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In which there has been writing May 20, 2012

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I have been writing, promise.

I’ve been so busy writing that I’ve:

  • acquired new sofas and chucked out the old
  • rearranged all the furniture on the ground floor
  • picked through the little one’s old toys and sold a bunch on eBay
  • perfected my glace cherry and yogurt scone recipe
  • decided on my top 5 list of favourite incense
  • delved deeply into researching 19th century British varieties of carrots

In other words, I have been writing–just not as much as I figure I should. I’ve reached the part I dislike: the ripping the first draft to shreds to incorporate all those new bits that come up in the writing, all the changes that need to be made for character and consistency.

I’d wanted to get the next draft of the novel done before Clarion and that’s still my goal.

My mental image of writing a novel is Mother Ginger from the nutcracker, smooth drape of fabric concealing multitudes of children scurrying out for their moment downstage, the belts-and-braces conflummery a simulacrum of the real thing.

Short stories, by contrast, while requiring more discipline, also seem to need less engineering somehow.  I’m really starting to look forward to writing shorter things at the workshop.

I’ve had some ideas that I’ve not tried writing because I wasn’t quite sure how to start. So I’ve added those to my mental ‘Clarion’ file. I figure, whether I write them at home or at Clarion, my first drafts will be muddles. In which case, I’d rather get feedback from 17 other kick-ass writers plus incredible tutors than have to face revisions alone. And for you NWS crit groupers, you’ll be thankful when you hear what I’m saving you from!


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