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If this is what I find funny these days… April 23, 2012

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Fellow copy editors, you know that moment when you’ve been editing so long that you forget how to spell your own name, and no matter what punctuation you use, it looks odd? I was on my third computer engineering ms of the day when I had a sudden panic over how to punctuate a sentence ending with etc. Or should that be etc.. And then what the heck do I do about the question mark: etc..? (?)!

So I turned to Chicago Manual of Style online and lo, found just what I needed. A good laugh. Definitely too punchy and time for a break.

Online Question: “How would I punctuate the end of a sentence that ends with an abbreviation? For example, “I attended a meeting at ABC, Inc.” Two periods don’t look right.”

CMS Answer: “For some reason, questions about periods have dominated the Q&A mail lately. Why the sudden confusion? Why, after a lifetime (I trust) of never encountering two periods in a row, do readers suddenly think this might be a good idea? In any case, here are some answers: Don’t ever put two periods in a row.”

They totally grok the state of mind into which people querying CMS on such a style point have descended.


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