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Or maybe I’m just a slob March 29, 2012

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This post takes inspiration from the story “The Things They Carried.” In my case, however, it’s more like “The Things that Accumulated.”

I was doing a major tidy today and it struck me that a) I am definitely on the shabby side of shabby chic and b) my mantel is a microcosm of my life. So here it is, a complete and accurate list of the items currently on my mantelpiece:

  • A tea light holder in the shape of a hand
  • An oil burner painted with a Greek design in the shape of a hand
  • An incense holder in the shape of a hand in the mudra position, which holds a half-burned stick of nag champa
  • A pair of blue Barbie high heels in a sealed plastic bag
  • A miniature bubble-blower in the shape of Frankenstein’s monster
  • A broken beaded necklace
  • Three glass vases, one art deco, one bought at a car boot sale for 50p, one given to me by a friend
  • Four Indian handbells, one of which is missing the clanger, which I tried to mend with a 5p piece and a paperclip
  • A cardboard cut out stencil to make a mermaid tail for a mini rapunzel doll
  • Three dried-up sprigs of lavender from the front garden, held together with a rubber band and balanced in a water bottle lid inside a candleholder
  • An unused fountain pen ink cartridge
  • A coaster made from a geode
  • A dented, slightly rusted paisley painted brass box that holds two more Barbie shoes and a baby tooth recently fallen out of the little one’s mouth.
  • One more vase, this one a jam jar decorated with coloured Popsicle sticks and filled with felt flowers that have googly eyes in their centres

Yep, definitely my life in a microcosm.


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