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A place to keep my brain when I’m not using it March 27, 2012

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Some people daydream about fancy holidays, new cars, finally paying off that student loan.

Nothing so grandiose for me. My fancies this spring have turned to…my ultimate writers app. Not a place to write; any old notes app or an email to myself is fine for that. I’m talking about an organisation app. A proper keeps-track-of-everything-and-can-tell-you-what-you-were-wearing-when-you-wrote-that-great-sentence-last-Tuesday type of intrusive, all-knowing app. Because, well, yeah.

After all, writing requires keeping track of so much informational flotsam and jetsam just in relation to the work itself. When you add in the business side of it…data overdose.

I realised that, whilst my story data storage systems have evolved utility, the other side functions at a mere basic level: I use sticky notes on the wall.

Easy to see and rather in-your-face, these worked well until spring. When I opened a window, they fluttered like prayer flags. By the end of the day, they’d detached themselves to form a scrum on the carpet, totems of promises made to a dream.

Spreadsheets on computer could overcome these physical afflictions but I don’t find this method conducive to setting goals, just tracking progress. And to collect all the bits I want to know about my writing habits, I would end up with an unwieldy number of different tables.  I want one place, one app, that provides me with a place to track all the bits and pieces I want to know.

My ultimate writers app, therefore, would include:

• BIC—daily tracking calendar
• Daily word count goal, with averages and space to log actual word counts
• Total word count—projected and actual. This will link with daily word count goal to give you a timeframe for completion, or suggest a word count goal if you give it a due date.
•Goals and steps to achieve them (lists and sub lists) as well as a calendar interface
•Markets and submission stats
•Revisions and versions, with file title and date
•Links and images

I’ve had a good rummage through the App store but not seen anything like it. Is it a case of ‘Make it myself’? Time to sign up for a good programming course.


2 Responses to “A place to keep my brain when I’m not using it”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I would totally use that app if you made it. I like the thought of an all-knowing app that keeps my brain organized when I can’t think straight.

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