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Hint: it’s right next door to The Tap and Tumbler March 23, 2012

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I’d decided to do some temping on the side to help prepare for the long summer break. I had a new assignment this week so I arrived in the city centre in good time, pleased with my punctuality.

I even found the street with, for me, remarkably little trauma.

(I should mention that I have no sense of direction. Trying to find a hotel in London recently, I planned the two block walk from the  Tube with all the foresight of some peoples’ month long Eurail treks. I mean, we’re talking Google Maps, tube maps, and the A to Z all open at once.  I felt invincible as I exited the Tube, muttering my refrain of “turn away from the flyover. Turn away from the flyover.” Despite these precautions, I ended up walking the entire length of Edgware Road twice before realising that I’d come out of the Tube from a different exit and the resultant course correction meant I should have walked towards the flyover. Oh well, 8pm is a fine time to check into a hotel when you have an interview at 10 the next morning.)

So you see, I can get lost in a paper bag. In any case, given these directional limitations, imagine my sense of accomplishment at finding a downtown street in a city in which I’ve lived for the past decade. Of course, I ended up walking out of the city centre to pick up the street from the far end before following it back in, during the course of which I realised that a) I’ve walked down this street before, and b) it intersects the road home right at  my tram stop.

Nevertheless, I’m claiming this as a win. I mean, I was there, on time, relatively un-dishevelled yet still caffeinated. So I slowed to amble down the road. I was looking for a Days Hotel. Easy peasy. Hotels have giant signs outside. How hard could it be?

After my third trip down the road,  I bluffed into an office block t o query the possibility that “Days Hotel” might be tucked above The Tap and Tumbler pub.

I finally called the agency. Comparison of their directions with the sight before my eyes led to the realisation that the Days Hotel had transformed into a Ramada in the past week.

Vindicated!! Yes, that’s the conclusion I’m drawing here. Problem with that?


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