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I am sure this makes sense somewhere March 18, 2012

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I do like living in England as an expat. I love puzzling out all the subtleties behind the various idioms and sayings. But the distinction between “bleedin'” and “bloody” has me a bit mystified.

“Bloody” is a good, all purpose exclamation – an adjective, an adverb, can even be a noun in a pinch. It is certainly not polite but not particularly risqué; a bus company recently touted itself on billboards as a “bloody good bus company” so it’s not something people would start write-in campaigns to complain about.

But there are people who think “bloody” is too vituperative yet find “bleedin'” a more temperate alternative.

I admit to not understanding this logic. If they can find exsanguination acceptable for the expression of mild personal displeasure, why shy away when the floors end up awash with the logical outcome? Personally, I find the actual act of bloodletting more vulgar. But then again, I am not English. I will trust that there is cultural logic at work, even if the etymology baffles.


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